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 Moving towards equity and quality


Mission and Goal of the Ministry of Health

The Mission of the Ministry is to provide a comprehensive range of quality and equitable health services to all people in Malawi. The goal is to raise the level of the health status of all people in Malawi through the development of a health care delivery system capable of promoting health, preventing, reducing and curing diseases and reducing the occurrence of premature deaths in the population.


To achieve a state of health for all the people of Malawi that would enable them to lead a quality and productive life.

Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) (2011-2016)

The Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plan (2011-2016) outlines the Health Sectors  key strategies  of interventions in the areas of human resource development, ensuring availability of drugs, medical supplies and essential basic health equipment, health financing and health infrastructural development.  The Ministry coordinates implementation of the key strategies of the HSSP.