To facilitate creation of an ICT environment for delivery of comprehensive range of quality, equitable, cost effective and efficient health service using e-health solutions in Malawi.


To integrate e-health solutions in health service delivery through the employment of available ICT solutions.


Accelerate implementation of HSSP through integration of e-health solutions to increase access, availability and quality of health services.


  • To facilitate implementation of health services through available ICTs  in the health sector
  • To support the development, maintenance and management of health related information systems
  • To support the provision of  high quality, effective and efficient e-health services
  • To improve ICT infrastructure in the ministry :-
  1. Facilitate the provision and installation of internet services
  2. Provide technical information in the acquisition of computer  hardware and software
  • To coordinate the integration of health information systems
  • To improve ICT knowledge, skills and usage amongst all health workers
  • To develop ICT standards and policy
  • To enforce adoption of ICT standards