To provide financial management services for the delivery of equitable, sustainable and quality health for all Malawians.


To improve access of health services for Malawians through the provision of financial management services.

The department is headed by the Director of Finance and has different functions. 

The following are the eight sections and their functions under the director of Finance:

1.       Main Accounts

  • Processing of Other Recurrent Transactions (ORT) payments

2.       Salaries

  • Preparation of salaries and arrears for serving officers
  • Preparation of advances and remittances

3.       Losses

  • Provision of responses to audit queries

4.       Reconciliation

  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statements for all accounts

5.       Management Accounts

  • Processing payments for projects:
  1.  Development part 1 (discrete accounts)
  2.  Development part 2 (government funded)

6.       Financial Monitoring Unit

  • Production of Financial management reports
  • Monitoring Central hospitals, Zones and Health Service Commission
  • Collaborating with National Local Government Finance Committee on District Financial Improvement Plans

7.       Cash office

  • Issuing of cheques
  • Maintenance of cash books
  • Management of fuel
  • Filling of payment vouchers and supporting documents

8.       Cash Control

  •  Preparation of cash controls