Health Technical Services

The Unit is a sub-division of Health Technical Services which encompasses Medical Laboratory and Medical Imaging also known as Radiology. This division forms part of the three divisions including Diagnostics, Physical Assets Management (PAM), and Pharmaceuticals which together constitute the Health Technical Services (HTS). Diagnostic Services Unit is responsible for ensuring provision of quality diagnostic, monitoring drug efficacy, and patient management services. This unit is also responsible for formulation of policies, guidelines, protocols and standards for the services in the country.

The Diagnostics division executes its responsibilities through the two units of Laboratory and Radiology.

Laboratory Services

Current services offered include:

  1. Blood banking
  2. Biochemistry  
  3. Haematology
  4. Parasitology
  5. Microbiology
  6. Molecular Biology
  7. Serology
  8. Molecular Biology
  9. Cytology
  10. Mycology
  11. Urinalysis
  12. Immunology
  13. Histology
  14. Laboratory Based Research

Radiology  Services  

Current services offered  include:

  1. Conventional radiography
  2. Computerized tomography
  3. Ultrasonography
  4. Mammography
  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  6. Research

Principles and Values

The diagnostic service provision shall be governed by the following principles and values:


a)   Integrity

b)   Partnership

c)   Needs-based care

d)   Equitable care

e)   Respect for human rights

f)     Community participation


a)   Compassion

b)   Transparency and accountability

c)   Confidentiality

d)   Efficiency


To standardize and coordinate diagnostic services to allow for best practices to be achieved in all health institutions in Malawi.


A health care system with efficient, comprehensive, affordable,quality diagnostic and interventional services which are available and accessible to all people living in Malawi.



Strive to provide efficient, effective, accessible, equitable, and affordable diagnostic services to all and contribute to the prevention  and management of the country’s health problems through the provision of quality assured diagnostic and interventional services at all levels of health care delivery.