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The Directorate is responsible for Strategic Human Resources Planning and Recruitment, Human Resource Development and Management. The Directorate consists two sections, Human Resource Management and Manangement Services.

The Human Resources Management is responsible for recruitment, selection, placement, promotion and discipline as well as the exiting of the health worker in the Ministry. This section is also responsible for Human Resources Planning which takes on the role of Human Resources forecasting, secretariat for the HR Technical Working Group, that comprises donor partners and stakeholders, on line HRMIS system for staff records management, Malawi health workforce observatory that promotes research as well as evidence based decision making and lastly, the management of the Personnel Emoluments budget.  

Human Resources Development is responsible for the training and development of the Health workers in the Ministry. This is one of the support Department's of Ministry of Health which ensures that core services of the Ministry are effectively and efficiently rendered to the general public for social economic development of the country. 

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