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Human Resource Development (HRD) is another component of the Human Resource Management Section. HRD is a coordinated process of training and development interventions and programmes for the Ministry that is directed at producing the necessary numbers of appropriate skilled health employees to meet the Ministry’s current and future requirements.


Training fills the gap between what someone can do and what he/she is able to do. Its aim is to ensure that as quickly as possible, employees can reach an acceptable level of performance in their jobs. Training builds on this foundation by enhancing skills and knowledge as required to improve performance in the present job or to develop potential for the future.


Development is the modification of behaviour through experience, education and instruction. It provides for people to do better in existing jobs and prepares them for greater responsibility in the future. It builds strength and helps to overcome weakness and ensures the Ministry has expertise it needs. Furthermore, it aims at identifying talent, improve skills, widen experience and help health workers to grow in their ability to accept greater responsibility

Training and Development

The fundamental aim of Training and Development is therefore, to help the Ministry to achieve its purpose by adding value to its key resource (health workers). Training and Development in the Ministry ensures investing in employees to enable them perform better and empower them to make the best use of their natural abilities. The objectives for Training and Development are:

  • Develop competencies of employees and improve their performance;
  • Help employees grow within the Ministry in order that as far as possible , its future needs for human resources can be met from within; and
  • Reduce the learning time for employees staring in new jobs through appointment, transfer or promotion, and ensure that they become competent as quickly as possible.