Human Resource Planning (HRP) is another component of the Human Resource Management Section. HRP systematically assesses the numbers and types of health employees that will be required by the Ministry to effectively deliver its programmes and ensures that necessary recruitment, training and related programmes are put in place to provide the required human resource. The function analyses the strategic objectives of the Ministry and assesses the human resource required to achieve them.

HRP in the Ministry sets out requirements in both qualitative (what sort of people) and quantitative (how many people) terms. It provides the basis for other Human Resource Management programmes and policies of the Ministry in areas such as recruitment, training and development and it ensures that such policies are consistent with overall Government goals and objectives. 

Human Resource Planning is therefore, continuously analyses the Ministry’s human resource needs under changing environment so that proper steps are taken to provide the necessary numbers of appropriately skilled personnel to ensure the long term effectiveness of Ministry.

Aims of Human Resource Planning in the Ministry 

The aims of HRP are to ensure that the Ministry:

  • Obtains and retains the number of people it needs with skills, expertise and competencies required;
  • Makes the best use of its human resources;
  • Is able to anticipate the problems of potential surpluses or deficits of people; and
  • Reduces its dependence on external recruitment when key skills are on short supply by formulating retention and employee development strategies.

Human Resource Planning generally comprises five key steps:

  • Forecasting future Health Human Resource needs;
  • Projecting future Health Human Resource supply;
  • Comparing forecast needs with projected supply;
  • Developing plans, policies and programmes to meet Health Human Resource needs; and
  • Evaluating Human resource planning effectiveness.