The Division strives to ensure that the Ministry’s service delivery to the public remains effective and efficient at all levels, and is capable of adapting to the national development needs and priorities. It is also responsible for introducing effective measures to combat inefficiency and wastage; promote efficiency and productivity and achieve optimal utilization of resources allocated to the Ministry.

Purpose of the Division

To promote and maintain an efficient and effective Ministry’s public service delivery that is capable of adapting to the national socio-economic development needs through developing and maintaining sound and effective Ministry’s organisational structures, operational systems and practices.

Functions of the Division

  • To advise management and propose on organisation development initiatives like functional reviews, work systems and methods, job evaluation, quality and productivity improvements, service charters implementation with a view to having appropriate organisational structure, functions, staff complements, operational systems that are cost effective; and enhance the Ministry’s service productivity;
  • To monitor the effective implementation of the Ministry’s establishment so that only the necessary establishment is adhered to and retained to undertake core and priority functions of the Ministry;
  • To identify operational constraints in order to provide possible solutions for improved service delivery;
  • To analyse jobs in order to develop the Ministry’s appropriate job descriptions and specifications; and
  • To coordinate  the Ministry’s personnel audits with the view to verifying if employees’ details already captured/held in the database ( HRMIS) match with what is on the ground as well as providing the missing details.