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Community Health Nursing understands the complex interactions between health  and social determinants of health in order to improve the health of diverse, vulnerable and underserved communities.


To reduce inequalities in health care delivery and promote access to basic health care services in the community by taking nursing services closer to the people.


To provide a comprehensive package of quality and equitable community health nursing care necessary to accelerate the reduction in the incidence of illness and occurrence of premature deaths in the population towards achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG)


1. Develop, disseminate and review Community Health Nursing policies and guide lines.

2. Monitoring adherence to Community Health Nursing policy and guidelines.

3. Conduct supportive supervision to facilities, communities and patients under home based care.

4. Capacity building of Community Health Nursing providers.

5. Harnessing Public Private Partnerships for program development.

6. Developing monitoring and evaluation tools including job aids.

7. Conduct coordination meeting for the program.