The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS was established in the year 2004 to spearhead the greater realization of the Government’s Leadership and commitment in the fight against Nutrition disorders, HIV and AIDS.

The overall mandate

To provide visionary guidance and strategic direction for the implementation of the national response to nutrition disorders, HIV and AIDS in the country.


Malawi with adequate nutrition and reduced prevalence of HIV by 2015

The mission statement

Provide policy direction, guidance, oversight and coordination of nutrition, HIV and AIDS in Malawi

Roles and responsibility of DNHA

The roles and responsibilities of the Department on nutrition are as follows:

  • Spearhead and oversee the formulation and review of the  National Nutrition Policy and Strategic Plan
  • Provide technical guidance in the formulation and review of sectoral nutrition policies and strategic Plans
  • Provide Nutrition policy direction and guidance;
  • Coordinate, advocate, lobby and network on issues of Nutrition with the Government, private sector, NGOs, faith based organisations and development partners;
  • Facilitate the establishment of resource centres at all levels
  • Maintain standards for locally produced and imported  meals, acclaimed nutritious food products and supplements for nutrition therapies
  • Facilitate the development of infrastructures for training and operations of Nutrition and AIDS programmes.
  • Facilitate Capacity building and development of career structures for Nutrition in relevant Government institutions, the private sector, NGOs, faith-based and civil society organizations.
  • Provide guidelines and technical guidance for the mainstreaming and implementation of nutrition in Government Ministries and Departments
  • Facilitate joint review, planning, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition work plans and oversee their implementation in line with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS);
  • Provide and track nutrition indicators in MGDS
  • Coordinate the development of nutrition research agenda and oversee its implementation
  • Mobilise resources for the implementation of nutrition programmes and provide related financial management and administrative oversight, which shall include ensuring that  each sector and stakeholder utilises the resources allocated to nutrition for the intended purposes and are accounted for
  • Develop or update and disseminate advocacy tools such as Malawi profiles for nutrition and promote their use
  • Facilitate the establishment of nutrition information and surveillance systems
  • Facilitate local production of nutrition therapies
  • Facilitate the availability and dissemination of information on Nutrition

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