Health Research is an important component of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) as it generates evidence and knowledge used to inform the development of the policies and interventions for effective delivery of health services (HSSP 2011-2016). It is a cornerstone for informed and effective decision-making and is integral to the country’s efforts to improve health of the Malawi population and effectiveness of the health system in line with the Malawi Government’s policies as envisioned in the Malawi Development and Growth Strategy II (MDGS II). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the MOH to narrow the existing knowledge gap by improving knowledge generation and use in order to inform health policies, strategies and actions.


To achieve this, The MOH established the Research Unit with the following objectives:

1.        Strengthen leadership and coordination of research activities and infrastructure

2.        Improve the availability and quality of health information and evidence 

3.        Improve dissemination and sharing and use of information, evidence and knowledge

4.        Create a critical mass of  human resources for health research (HRHR)

5.        Improve financial support towards health research