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 Towards Universal Health Coverage


The Vision of the health sector is to achieve a state of health for all the people of Malawi that would enable them to lead a quality and productive life.


The Mission of the Ministry of Health and Population is to provide strategic leadership for the delivery of a comprehensive range of quality, accessible, and efficient health services to all Malawians through the creation and sustenance of a strong health system.


The goal of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP II) is to move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) of quality, equitable and affordable health care with the aim of improving health status, financial risk protection and client satisfaction.  

UHC is defined as a situation where everyone – irrespective of their ability-to-pay – gets the health services they need in a timely fashion without suffering any undue financial hardship because of receiving the care. Malawi is moving towards UHC through implementation of the essential health package, which Government and its development partners will endeavour to make accessible to every Malawian free at the point of care.