With regard to tuberculosis, the effort to collaborate and support the HIV/AIDS programme is paying off. More cases of tuberculosis are being detected and treatment failure is diminishing. There is some success in reaching the MDG targets for tuberculosis.

The treatment success rate at 86% is slightly above the World Health Organization (WHO) target of 85%. However, the case detection rate (46%) is still below the WHO target (70%).


National Tuberculosis Programme

The Malawi Government declared TB as an emergency in 2007. The National TB Control Program (NTP) has adopted and implemented the WHO Stop TB strategy and has incorporated it in its Development Strategy. The following are the pillars of NTPs activities which are in line with the WHO STOP TB Strategy;

  • Pursuing high quality DOTS expansion and enhancement;
  • Addressing TB/HIV, MDR-TB and other challenges;
  • Engaging all care providers.