To ensure constant availability of medicines; equitable access and rational use of Medicines of good quality, safe and efficacious medicines and medical supplies at an affordable cost to the people of Malawi at all times through well trained, motivated and dedicated personnel.


The Pharmaceutical Department of the Ministry of Health is mandated to ensure the provision of high quality Pharmaceutical care and services to the people of Malawi.


Overall, the Pharmaceutical section is mandated to ensuring improved and sustained health of the population of Malawi by ensuring constant availability of medicines, rational use and access to safe efficacious, good quality and affordable medicines and medical supplies.


  1. Promote rational use of medicines by prescribers, dispensers and consumers.
  2. Strengthen quality assurance of medicines and medical supplies which are sold or supplied to consumers by private and public sectors.
  3. Establish financing mechanisms which ensures access to essential medicines
  4. Improve the system of supply  and management of medicines and medical supplies through rational procurement systems; improved medicines distribution and management systems at all levels of health care delivery
  5. Increase quantity and quality of human resources for the Pharmaceutical sector involved in in the provision pharmaceutical services at all levels of care.   
  6. Promulgate the necessary legislation to support the provision of pharmaceutical services in the country.
  7. Promote good governance of medicines.