Directorate of Administration

The Directorate provides policy guidance and leadership for the prudent use of resources and provision of sound administrative services and allied support services to ensure that the core functions of the Ministry are effectively and efficiently executed. 

Directorate of Finance

The Directorate is responsible for financial management. 

Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate is responsible for Strategic Human Resources Planning and Recruitment, Human Resource Development and Management. 

Directorate of Clinical Services

The Directorate is responsible for ensuring the provision of sound clinical care services in the country’s hospitals. It also facilitates referral of patients requiring specialized treatment not available in Malawi to hospitals abroad and also guides and supports the activities of traditional healers in the country through their umbrella organization.

Directorate of Nursing & Midwifery Services

The Directorate provides a framework for provision of comprehensive, quality and equitable nursing and midwifery care in all the hospitals.  

Directorate of Preventive Health Services

The Directorate is responsible for making sure that there are no occurrences of diseases and other health related problems. 

Directorate of Quality Management

The Quality Management Directorate was established in the Ministry of Health and Population in November 2016 to provide strategic leadership and coordinate quality management and improvement initiatives across the health sector.

National Public Health Institute of Malawi

The Ministry is in the process of setting up a National Public Health Institute with the aim of improving health services in the country by implementing evidence based policies. The major activities of the Institute will initially be on National Reference Laboratory activities, Disease surveillance and Research.

Directorate of Health Technical Support Services (HTSS)

The Directorate is responsible for the management and supply of drugs and other medical supplies; provision of diagnostic services and maintenance of infrastructure and acquisition and maintenance of equipment. 

Directorate of Planning & Policy Development (P&PD)

The Directorate is responsible for the formulation and coordination of implementation of strategic policies and budget of the Ministry. The Directorate is also responsible for resource mobilization infrastructure development, monitoring and evaluation of projects. 

Directorate of Health Research

Directorate is responsible for coordination and promoting conduct of comprehensive health research with an aim of formulating health research strategies for disease control and improvement of public health.

Directorate of Reproductive Health

The Directorate is responsible for coordination and implementation of reproductive health programmes. The directorate coordinates implementation of family planning and safe motherhood programmes.

Directorate of Safe Motherhood

The Directorate is responsible for the enhanced cooperation and coordination with other key partners including the Ministry of Health and other relevant stakeholders towards efforts aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal deaths in line with various strategies implemented by the country to speed up reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rates.

Directorate of Nutrition

The Directorate is responsible for coordination and implementation of the national response to nutrition disorders, HIV and AIDS in the country