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Ministry of Health


The Minister of Health  provides Government’s Policy directions on health matters. The Secretary for Health is responsible for the overall functioning of the health sector supported by health professionals, technical, administrative, financial, human resource, procurement and other expert staff.

Minister : Hon. Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP

Deputy Minister: Hon. Halima Alima Daud, MP

Secretary for Health : Dr. Samsom Mndolo


To be an independent assurance and consulting activity respected for the quality and impact of our work in supporting the Ministry to improve Risk Management, Controls and Governance Processes.


The Mission of the Internal Audit Functions to provide an independent objective assurance and consulting service designed to add value and improve the Ministry’s operations.

Reporting structure

In order to maintain independence and objectivity, the head of internal audit reports functionally to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee and administratively to the Controlling Officer who is otherwise called the Secretary for Health.

The Audit Committee

The Ministry has an audit committee which is composed of five members who are appointed by the Secretary to the President and Cabinet. These members are non serving civil servants and their appointment is upon meeting specified criteria.

Institutions audited

Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry’s internal audit function are the following:

  1. Ministry Headquarters
  2. Kamuzu Central Hospital in the central region
  3. Zomba Mental Hospital, Zomba and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospitals in the southern region
  4. Mzuzu Central Hospital in the northern region

Like any government entity, the public health sector has continued to follow procedures for procuring goods, works and services as laid down in the Public Procurement Act (2002) and elaborated in the Public Procurement Regulations of 2004.

During the implementation of the PoW, major challenges in procurement have included: lack of capacity, especially at the central level; poor coordination between the Procurement Unit and other departments, including districts; lack of well documented procurement procedures; unclear role of the central level in procurements undertaken at the district level, and excessive emergency procurements.

Procurement capacity challenges in the public health sector have been exacerbated by the commissioning of multiple audits by different partners and the operation of a parallel system of oversight to provide reassurance to HDPs.

In these areas the development partners have failed to align to country systems in accordance with the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action.


To facilitate creation of an ICT environment for delivery of comprehensive range of quality, equitable, cost effective and efficient health service using e-health solutions in Malawi.


To integrate e-health solutions in health service delivery through the employment of available ICT solutions.


Accelerate implementation of HSSP through integration of e-health solutions to increase access, availability and quality of health services.


  • To facilitate implementation of health services through available ICTs  in the health sector
  • To support the development, maintenance and management of health-related information systems
  • To support the provision of high quality, effective and efficient e-health services
  • To improve ICT infrastructure in the ministry: –
  1. Facilitate the provision and installation of internet services.
  2. Provide technical information in the acquisition of computer hardware and software.
  • To coordinate the integration of health information systems
  • To improve ICT knowledge, skills and usage amongst all health workers
  • To develop ICT standards and policy
  • To enforce adoption of ICT standards 

Administration Core Team

Rawbreeze Mbewe

Director Administration

Odney Mwale

Deputy Director Administration


Mercy Nyanda

Chief Procurement Officer

Chief ICT Officer