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Ministry of Health

Health Sector Strategic Plan III

Executive Summary

The Health Sector Strategic Plan III (HSSP III) outlines the objectives, strategies and activities needed to build upon the progress made during the implementation of the Health Sector Strategic Plan II (HSSP II) and accelerate Malawi’s progress in achieving its Universal Health Coverage (UHC) targets by 2030.

The HSSP III is motivated by Malawi 2063’s vision of self-reliance and outlines how the health sector will contribute to the human capital development and mindset-change pillars of the vision. In the spirit of inclusivity, the HSSP III development process was extensively consultative and participatory, ensuring that the prioritization of resources and outcomes in the plan reflects a shared vision.

Launch and Words from Honorable Minister and SH

The Malawi Government through the Ministry of Health has launched the third edition of Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP). Speaking at the launch, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said the Ministry will use the HSSP to guide the country through the next eight years, and that the plan has been aligned to the Malawi 2063 vision. 

“We looked at where we are coming from, what is it that we have achieved, what are the challenges and then trying to address them to see how can we move forward. So there are several areas which we looked at. There is service delivery issue and the main one where we tried to make sure that when somebody goes to a clinic or health centre, they should find all the services,” explained Chiponda.

In the HSSP III, both the honorable Minister and the Secretary of Health detail the expected impacts of implementing these reforms. 

“The MoH is committed to effectively providing its stewardship role in the implementation of the HSSP III to honour all the efforts and contributions that all the different stakeholders made in the development of this strategy.”

“The Government of Malawi is committed to ensuring that people in Malawi attain the highest possible mental, physical, and social health and a high quality of life. The health sector contributes to this aspiration through the delivery of cost-effective, high quality, equitable and integrated health care within the available health financing. This is the path the HSSP III sets.”