Malawi Ministry of Health

Introducing an innovative IPC-WASH training package

The Malawi Ministry of Health, in partnership with WaterAid, developed an innovative training package specifically for Malawi. This training package complements the existing national IPC-WASH training modules. It is focused on explaining the relationships, responsibilities and connections between IPC and WASH.

This training package will empower you as both learners and facilitators to become champions of IPC-WASH standards in your facility, and in so doing help to achieve safe and quality care for all Malawian patients.


In this training, you will engage with several topics focused on IPC and WASH.

Innovative and Engaged Learning

This training package was custom-designed to facilitate an engaging and effective adult learning process.

In the package, you will find different training materials such as:

Learning videos
Post-training resources (posters, learning cards, and checklists)
Champion videos
Additional resources
Follow-up activities

The training sessions are primarily intended to be used as add-ons to boost existing national IPC-WASH technical training modules. Alternatively, they can be delivered together as one continuous training or individually to support specific refresher training and improvement activities. You, as a learner, can also review all the materials online and download the resources you need.

Access the full session package

A WhatsApp compatible version of the full session package, can be downloaded below.

Find all materials in the package library. Here, you can view and download different versions of the materials (English and Chichewa).