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Ministry of Health

Gas Plants

Biomedical Engineers under Physical Assets Management (PAM) helped a lot in the establishment of field hospitals across the country one of which was Bingu National Stadium hospital. The team worked hand in hand with the Medical Doctors and Nurses within MOH to come up with a good COVID 19 facility within a short period of time. Engineers helped in the implementation as well as providing relevant technical support service to the medical personnel.

PAM is also doing a very commendable job in assisting Ministry of Healthy to monitor a new technology of PSA gas plants. PSA plants are a heart of some hospitals which rely on piped oxygen. Biomedical Engineers within MOH have assisted fully the process of acquisition and monitoring of such big technology.  

Technology of PSA plant emerged way before Covid -19 pandemic but become more necessary and needed at the onset of second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. At the start of this pandemic, there were many patients who needed oxygen supply. The PSA plants have assisted a lot in refilling of cylinders which have been used by hospitals across the country.

As It is the passion of PAM engineers to make sure that all gas plants we have are in good working condition. Biomedical Engineers do morning inspections and repair most of the minor problems with instructions from the service contractors.