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Ministry of Health


The Unit provides leadership and guidance on all capital investment projects for the Health Sector from conception to implementation, in order to achieve  quality, value for money and  timely excecution. The Unit also provides an enabling environment for private sector involvement in the Health Sector and lead in the projects that will contribute to increaasing acess to health services as captured in the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP). Thus, the Unit drives tthe PPP agenda and appraisal of infrastructure projects to include other non-infrastructutre projects in the healtth sector.

The main responsibilities of the Unit

  1. To conceptualize relevant Capital Investment Projects for the Health Sector based on health service needs of the Malawi population as a whole and/or specific population subgroups.
  2. Undertake economic appraisal of Projects including cost-benefit analyses of proposed capital investment projects and other Public Health Projects and advise on viability and financing issues.
  3. Provide technical guidance in planning of Capital Investment Projects and other Public Health Projects.
  1. Coordinate Project execution of all infrastructure Projects in the Health Sector to ensure that architectural and engineering standards of infrastructure Projects are adhered to.
  2. Provide technical guidance on costing of various Projects.
  3. Provide technical guidance on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the health Sector as a significant modality of funding health Projects.
  4. Undertake coordination and management of PPPs in the Health Sector in liaison with the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC).

Projects Preparation and Appraisal

The Projects Coordination Unit

The overarching function of the Projects Preparation and Appraisal Unit is to conceptualize and appraise projects for MOH. It is responsible for all steps leading to the development of the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) such as: using the geographical distribution of health facilities and recommending capital investment projects; undertaking economic analyses and advise on viability of projects, mobilizing resources for various projects, produce a capital investment plan document including specification of process and output indicators. The resource mobilization function also encompasses conceptualizing, planning, and recommending projects under a PPP arrangement.

The overarching function of the Projects Coordination Unit is to coordinate all infrastructure developments and other public health-related projects under the Ministry of Health to enhance quality, value for money, and timely completion of the projects. Essentially, the key functions entail: ensuring that infrastructure projects under implementation conform to relevant architectural and engineering standards, ensuring timely completion of projects, managing contractual agreements, and developing and reviewing health infrastructure standards.