Planning Department

The Policy Development Unit is headed by Deputy Director and also as a Chief Economist, Principal Economist and two Economists.

The Policy Development Unit (PDU) is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction in policy development and analysis in the Ministry by guiding and analysing the Ministry’s national development mandate, goals, policies and programs. The Unit has two main areas of focus, namely:

  • Policy Development and Analysis
  • Health Reforms

Specific tasks and Responsibilities for the Unit

  1. Undertake Health Policy and Public Policy reviews and revisions
  2. Ensure policy enforcement and monitoring
  3. Participate in reviews and revisions of policy legislations
  4. Undertake cost-effective and equity studies to inform health policy
  5. Produce, analyse, and disseminate reliable information on health system performance and health status.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing policies.
  7. Coordinate financial resource mobilization for the health sector.
  8. Collaborate with key stakeholders to produce relevant and informed policy.
  9. Spearhead reforms or changes needed to improve the performance of the health system.
  10. Maintain database of all health systems research relevant for the Malawi Health Sector.
  11. Provide leadership and support for effective and efficient implementation of health projects and programs.
  12. Coordinate the development of health specific disaster/emergency management plans.